No user credentials or card numbers are safe!

“With 2,260 confirmed data breaches in 2015 alone and over 4 billion data records stolen since 2013.”
”At this point in time, the assumption should be that almost all users’ credentials and/or card information has been compromised.”
”The underground economy for user
information has matured so much that it is indistinguishable from a legitimate economy.”
— ACI Global Fraud Survey 2016

Faster payments means more losses from cyber hacks

When the United Kingdom introduced Faster Payments in 2008, there was a 132 percent spike in fraud as cyber criminals tried to take advantage of the reduced timeframe. With faster payments deployment underway in United States, there is a very high likely hood of increased fraud in United States as well.

DeepShield helps organizations proactively prepare themselves against fraud losses as a result of cyber hacking

Cyber hackers love rule based fraud protection

When we designed DeepShield, we kept in mind that hackers and fraudsters will constantly try new ways to defraud the system.

Our state-of-the-art deep neural networks based artificial intelligence has built-in fraud adaptation technology. This means if DeepShield experiences fraud, it readjusts algorithms on its own to protect itself against future fraud of the same kind.

Manual fraud protection is costly

Labor-intensive processes like manually communicating a suspicious transaction to the customer through phone calls and recorded messages are incredibly time-consuming, in-efficient and costly, requiring additional back-office employees to manage fraud. 

Our technology assess fraud risk in real time and helps detect and prevent losses at a fraction of the cost to manual old school methods.

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