Our Mission

Our mission is to build technology solutions that help companies fight PAYMENT fraud

Why we are doing it?

 Federal Reserve Payment Study 2013

Federal Reserve Payment Study 2013

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According to the 2015 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 62% of companies are at the risk of payment fraud. Only in United States credit card fraud is $3.8 Billion and ACH fraud is $1.2 Billion. The more alarming problem is that fraud is growing rapidly. In some cases fraud is increasing 250% YoY. 

The reason for this increase in fraud is because of the fact that the current rule based fraud protection technologies are in-capable of protecting against new kind of fraud threats. More and more transactions are moving from in-person transactions to online transactions. Committing online fraud and getting around the rule based fraud protection is easy for fraudsters. That's why fraud is also moving from retail to online domain. That is why we are seeing the fraud industry prospering in the new online world.

We have built DeepShield to help financial institutions and merchants protect themselves against payment fraud. We like to think of DeepShield as the anti-virus product for the payment industry.

With our core competency in machine learning, specifically in deep learning, we are building self-defending fraud protection solutions for payments that will adapt to new ways of fraud as they happen.


We are a small team of software engineers, data scientists, designers and product developers. We are extremely proud of our entrepreneurial DNA. On average, each member of our team has 20 years of experience in building successful startups that have either gone public or have been acquired by larger companies.

Saad Hussain


Saad designed his first AI toy robot car ("PathFinder") in 1997 at the age of 21. Since then he has started 3 companies including the most recent company PLAiR that was acquired by Samsung in 2014. Saad has held key engineering and executive positions in both start-ups and large organizations including Cavium (IPO 2007, Nasdaq : "CAVM"), Marvell (Nasdaq : "MRVL"), SAMSUNG and Luminous Networks (acquired by Scientific Atlanta).

Patrick Lin


Patrick has over 20 years of experience in building software start-ups. After graduating from UC Berkeley and Stanford, Patrick has worked in both large and small organizations building high performance back end software including Samsung, PLAiR, KreditFly, NASA, MySimon, CNET and Arcadia Systems.


Natalie Do

Business Development & COMMUNICATIONS

At her previous jobs in Google and Cisco, Natalie empowered the organizations and executives to achieve their business goals through effective marketing communications. At TradeSpot, Natalie is using her skills to connect with customers directly.