through DeepShield fraud protection

When a customer adds funds to the wallet, DeepShield minimizes the risk of ACH payment fraud through sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Our fraud protection technology assesses the risk and helps you decide whether to accept the funds. This completely eliminates risk from ACH transfers and enables payments to clear within 24-48 hours. 


when customers pay through wallet

Payments made from a wallet with available funds are 100% risk free and processed immediately.

Payments are 100% free regardless of how many payments you process. 

So fee free to process payments or issue refunds without thinking about the associated cost. 



so they can keep coming back

DeepShield has a automated but optional rewards program integrated with payments.

So if you decide to offer a rewards program for your customers, all you have to do is call our rewards API

Your customers experience your branded wallet with no DeepShield branding whatsoever. The entire payment experience is with your branding.

We simply provide merchants the API's to fund, manage and pay through the customer wallet that we host on your behalf. 

Also, the wallet can only be used with your business only. So when a customer is putting funds in the wallet, those funds can only be used to pay towards your business.

Once a customer funds the wallet, an ACH transfer is initiated from customer's bank account into your bank account. This transfer can take 24-48 hours to complete. This is where DeepShield's fraud protection technology is really useful. DeepShield's fraud protection technology assesses the risk of fraud and makes a decision to make the funds available for payment based on your pre-selected risk profile. In high risk situations we might suggest waiting for the transfer to complete but the ultimate decision is yours.

When a customer is paying from the wallet, the payments are instantaneous. If your bank account is already holding the funds, because there was a prior fund transfer that was complete, there is no risk for the payment to complete.

If only partial funds are available in the bank account to cover a payment, DeepShield automatically start a ACH transfer and again assess the risk fraud.  As described above, the payment will go through based on your pre-selected risk profile.


Already integrated with top financial institutions

We work with all the top U.S. financial institutions so you don’t have to worry about the complexities of working with them separately. All you have to do is call the APIs to get paid directly from a savings, checking, or any other payment enabled account with complete ease.



Customers pay you from their bank account through the wallet and we just maintain the ledger. This means the funds are directly transferred into your bank account without any intermediate account or escrow.

This model ensures the fastest availability of funds in your bank account. In most cases, funds are available within 24-48 hours of initiating the transfer.

Sandboxed Payment Platform

Each merchant has their own sandboxed hosted payment platform with best in class fraud protection.

This means your data is your data. You’re the only one who can accept payments, issue refunds, and access your payments and transfer histories. We simply provide you the cloud based softwareto enable you to provide a fraud protected ACH wallet to your customers.

Adaptive Fraud Protection

When we designed DeepShield, we kept in mind that fraudsters will constantly try new ways to defraud the system.

Our state-of-the-art deep neural networks based artificial intelligence has built-in fraud adaptation technology. This means if DeepShield experiences fraud, it readjusts algorithms on its own to protect itself against future fraud of the same kind.


Decide whether to accept payment from a customer with flexible fraud policies

The fraud policies enable us to provide you the tools to make a decision that fits your business the best. So suppose if there is moderate risk of fraud in the payment, you might decide to let the payment go through using our calculated risk taker policy.

Whether you are fraud tolerant, calculated risk taker or risk averse we got you covered


Our integrated rewards program is completely automated and hassle free. When you decide to offer a rewards program, simply decide how many points you want to grant per dollar spent and we’ll manage the rest.

When your customers earn a reward, it can be redeemed with a single API call.

Manage customers & payments from dashboard

Looking for sales trends, frauds or statements?

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