Device Fingerprinting

DeepShield uses state of the art proprietary and confidential methods of device identification. Our complex algorithmic methods of device identification reduce the risk of fraud significantly by making it almost impossible for a fraudster to clone the device.

1.0 BLACK list

DeepShield also allows blacklisting certain devices. Blacklisting method of device authentication is useful in scenarios where the number of devices that can initiate payments is large. Also the method of blacklisting devices is useful where automatic or manual administrator approval is needed to stop a certain device from initiating payments.


 DeepShield allows creation and maintenance of device white lists. Device white lists is one way to reduce risk of fraud by only allowing certain devices to be able to initiate payments. Device white lists are very useful in scenarios where there is only limited number of users that can initiate payments. Device white lists are also useful for scenarios where an administrator need to approve a particular device to be able to initiate payments.

3.0 Device<->User Association

DeepShield also allows additional restrictions through device to user associations. When device to user associations are enabled, the authenticated user will only be allowed to initiate operations through a specific device on the white list. This ensures that the not only the user has to have access to the authentication credentials but also has to have access to the device to initiate the operation.