Policy manager is a critical piece in our implementation for fraud protection that allows flexibility to the merchants in choosing their risk tolerance.

Configuring the policy manager is optional and is recommended. However, based on business needs some merchants are simply more risk tolerant than others. E.g. a merchant who processes under $5 payments most of the time may be more risk tolerant than the merchant that processes more than $100 payments most of the time.

Policy manager implementation can be most easily understood by visualizing it as a table of rows and columns. A sample policy manager is depicted in Figure 1.4.


So if merchants want to tweak their risk profile, they can adjust

1. Risk Thresholds

2. Actions to be taken

For example, merchant X might decide that they would like the payments to be cleared beyond the high risk threshold of 60% risk of fraud. On the other hand, merchant Y can decide that they would like the high risk threshold to be 50% and not clear the payments above that threshold.

If you have more questions about the policy manager, please don't hesitate to contact our support through email. We would be happy to answer any questions or pass on the comments to our engineering team.